This looks like a cool freebie for learning to read.

I contacted the company to verify that they send to Canada, and the response was "I love Canada! Your free sample set of 'The Blending Game' will be mailed out to you tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for your interest in developmentally appropriate early reading instruction. Please tell your colleagues about this free offer."

From the website:

The Blending Game is an interactive phonemic awareness activity that teaches blending and segmentation of words containing 3 sounds, like mouse, church, dog. Each sample set of The Blending Game comes with 20 picture cards and detailed instructions for teaching blending and segmentation. Segmentation is the most important beginning reading skill because it allows a child to understand how spoken and written words map onto each other and facilitates the understanding of the alphabetic principle.

To receive a free sample set of The Blending Game, send your name and mailing address to: randall@earlyreadingmastery.com

For more information, see http://www.earlyreadingmastery.com/index.php?s=free-game

No expiry date for now.
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