SimpleMom.net has a number articles on innovative ways to manage time as a mommy.

Site owner Tsh (pronounced "Tish", it's not a typo!) has also developed a set of her own management documents, which she has made available on her site as free downloads. The downloads include:

  • Daily Docket. It's like a daily planner but with more areas for filling in details that would normally be scribbled on a to-do list.
  • Master Checklist. A to-do list for Moms that is used in conjunction with the Daily Docket.
  • Pre-schooler's Chore Chart. This is precious. A simple little chore chart with cute little drawings. I think I may use this for my husband.
  • Grocery List.
  • Budgeting for Christmas.
  • Monthly Calendar.
  • A link to download all of the above at one time (Brilliant! Efficient!)
I just love efficient Mommies. Thanks Tsh!

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