Reuseable Pad Deals

Friday, March 06, 2009
Ladies, have you heard about reuseable menstrual pads? If you are wanting to go green, or if you have allergies to commercial brands, this is something to try. I haven't yet tried reuseables, but I am going to start with one of these deals.

Reuseable pads on Etsy

On Etsy, there are lots of hand-made reuseable pads for sale. They are made of colourful prints, so much more fun than a plain old disposable! Prices vary; I saw a listing as low as 2 for US $7 + shipping. The shipping is usually priced reasonably, even shipping from the US (average around $4). Click here to view all the reuseable pads on Etsy.

One Canadian seller on Etsy is Matersum ( from Montreal, whom I met on Twittermoms. I asked about cleaning the pads, here's what owner Jenn had to say:
Cloth pads are easy to care for. There are a few methods, but I think the easiest, by far, is after use you simply rinse them out and store until laundry day. To launder them, throw them in the wash with any load you're already doing. That's it! Or, if you're cloth diapering, you can throw your pads in with them.

That's a general guideline, but that routine can vary a little if you buy special pads (pads topped with silk, or pads backed with wool, for example, which need a gentler cleaning).
Matersum has a free shipping deal for Canadians right now, so now's a good time to try out a reusable pad! Visit her blog here, too.

Reusable Pads from

Vancouver-based Lunapads offers a wide selection of reuseable pads, also in a variety of wonderful colours and patterns. They have pads, liners, pantyliners, mini-liners, liners with or without wings, post-partum liners, organic pads, multi-packs and more!

To celebrate International Women's Day, they are having a 20% off sale until March 9, 3pm! You can view prices in either Canadian or US dollars. Shipping costs vary.

The sale is online at

I'd love to hear about your experience with reuseable pads! Leave me a comment below!

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