I recently tried out my first pair of leg warmers on baby: Leg Huggers. Leg Huggers are made from sustainable bamboo fibres, which touts many benefits including breathability, odor resistance, and is antibacterial.

From the first touch of the leggings I could feel the difference with the bamboo material. SO soft, I didn't have to worry about scruffy fabric irritating baby's legs! The quality of the leggings appeared very good - not only did the product feel luxurious, the graphic design on the leggings were woven into the product, not printed, so I didn't need to worry about the graphics coming off in future washes or flaking off onto baby's fingers (and eventually into his mouth!). The care instructions note that you can iron the Leg Huggers on low setting if desired; mine did wrinkle a bit after drying. But on my chunky monkey, the leggings get stretched enough upon wearing that you can't see the wrinkles!

The leggings are designed with a length of 13 inches to accommodate different length legs and ages. I was worried that the leggings, being much longer on my 8-month-old's 7" legs (approximate measurement from crotch to ankle), would be bulky. But the Leg Huggers are not bulky at all, and it was no problem scrunching up the leggings to fit baby. I could easily have baby wear the Leg Huggers underneath a loose pair of pants for extra warmth if needed.

My baby being a chunky monkey, we always need to be careful with socks cutting off his circulation, so I was careful to check his (9") thighs and ankles after he wore the Leg Huggers for a while. Well, the gently knit LegHugger stayed on quite well and didn't cut into baby's circulation at all!

I will be able to use the Leg Huggers on baby for quite a while yet, which is a great deal especially considering that they only retail for $10 Canadian! You can still catch a discount though - you can buy two pairs of Leg Huggers for $17.98 (regular price for two pairs is $20). Enter code “springLH” when you checkout.

Leg Huggers are the creation of Canadian company Agoo Apparel Inc., based in Vancouver, BC. Shop Canadian!

Leg Huggers for Baby Legs
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