Surface Collective Wall Tattoos has a super online special: Get 15% off online purchases AND free shipping in Canada with code ID152009! The discount is good on top of already discounted items, too! Offer ends July 1st at midnight!


If your baby decorating style is more "trendy" than "cute", then you will love the modern, contemporary look of the Kids Line wall designs from the Surface Collective.

Dubbed by the Vancouver-based company as "wall tattoos", the artwork can quickly and easily turn your nursery or toddler room into a designer's dream. If you don't like the colour schemes, you can choose your own scheme from their 24-colour guide for a more customized look.

Depending on the design, you can add your own creative flair to it. For example, I received the Grow! design for review. The little chicks and the letters G-R-O-W are all separate pieces, so I was able to position the design any way I like (see below for photo) Click here to see the design on the Surface Collective website, you'll see it is different.

The tattoos are like giant removable wall stickers. So if you get tired of the design, you can easily remove and replace it with a new design. I have used other wall designs before, and the Surface Collective product, which is made of vinyl, is very durable in comparison (vinyl is resistant to moisture and humidity, is recyclable, and 57% of vinyl is made from common salt). The tattoo is easy to apply, you just peel off the backing, stick it to the wall, and peel off the top transfer layer. You do need to apply pressure while sticking, I used a credit card to smooth out all the bumps. Overall a super result for minimal effort!

My favourite designs (aside from Grow!) are the Sleep Sheep, Hoo?, and Star Gazing. Check out the rest of their collection, too, there might be something there for your bedroom and other rooms, too!

Prices start at $45. Buy now with the 15% discount and free shipping offer (use code ID152009), and it's a real deal - shipping is usually $5-$15! The discount is also on top of already discounted items, too! Offer ends July 1st at midnight!

The Surface Collective website is at

My "assistant" helping me out with
peeling off the top transfer layer.

Finished wall tattoo - I love it!

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