Ah, summer! Doesn't the sun feel great - oh, except for that now you can't stay out without first slathering on some sunscreen! I want my baby to be able to play outside as I did. But with ozone depletion and sun damage a real worry these days, choosing garments with UV protection is something to seriously consider.

UV rays can penetrate through light clothing - if you can see through the clothes, so can the UV rays. The tighter the weave, the better the sun protection. Read more about sun protection from the Canadian Cancer Society or the American Cancer Society.

Agoo Clothes for Active Kids can give your babies that extra protection. With a strong UV protected finish of UPF 50, no matter how many times you wash it or expose it to sunlight or saltwater, the protection is always there. Their entire clothing complete line has UV protection, for infants to kids size 14, so your kids to stay out and play a little longer.

Agoo clothing also supports energy and resource conservation by using 30% recycled polyester blends, and bamboo, which is considered an eco-friendly product due to it being a renewable resource which is biodegradable.

Stay out and play with Agoo - use code "agootots" at checkout to get a 20% discount!

Shipping is only $5, and purchases of $50 or more are shipped FREE in Canada and the US!
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