Are you a cloth diapering mama? Wouldn't it be great if, as an environmentally-conscious cloth diapering member of society, the government would recognize our contribution on protecting the environment, and give us a tax break for doing that?

Stephanie Nash thought so. Owner of For Baby With Love, an online baby boutique specializing in cloth diapers, Stephanie has started an online petition to give families a tax break for using cloth diapers.

3000-5000 diapers are used in the first two years of a baby's life - that's a lot of diapers going into our landfills, not to mention the untreated waste in the diapers contaminating our mother earth.

So if you've already made the decision to cloth diaper, good for you! If not, here is a list of reasons from For Baby With Love on why you might want to use cloth diapers.

I personally do use cloth diapers. I also supplement with disposables as required. I figure, I will do what I can, and if cloth diapering 75% of the time is what I can do, that's 75% less of my baby's diapers going into the landfill. A note for fashionable mommies - cloth diapers look very cute on baby's bum!

If you think you want to try cloth diapering but don't know where to start, here's an article on getting started with cloth diapers. If you live in the Toronto area, For Baby With Love also holds workshops on cloth diapering. In Vancouver, you can attend workshops by New & Green Baby Company.

Click here to go to the online petition. Sign the petition to show your support - dads, grandparents, friends, anyone can sign to support the petition!

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