One of the specials at this week is gDiapers! All gDiaper Starter Kits and Refills are on sale. You can get an even bigger discount with a special code.

Refills are on sale for $17.69 (reg. $19.65), and the starter kits, which include 2 cloth pants and 10 refills, are on sale fro $26.98 (reg. $29.98).

Let me tell you how you can save even more:
  • Use code RASPBERRYKIDS (courtesy of This will entitle you to $25 off your first 4 orders with ($5 off your 1st, 2nd and 3rd orders, and then $10 off your 4th order). You must place your first 4 orders before December 6, 2009 to qualify for the rebates. If you never plan to order with again, you'll at least save $5 off the first order.
  • Make the minimum required purchase to get free shipping. The required purchase amount varies depending on your location. For me, it was $35. Even if you don't purchase enough for free shipping, the cost may still be very low - my estimate was $3.50.
  • If you use medium or large gDiapers, consider adding the refills to your "standing order" with to save an extra 5%. By adding a standing order item, you will receive it on a recurring basis, at least once every four weeks (you get to choose the frequency). deliveries local, organic, minimally packaged and eco-friendly groceries and products right to your door. I am a big fan of the idea of grocery shopping online, as this would be such a huge timesaver and would save me from carrying all those groceries! I only just made my first purchase with this week though, as I did find the products to be on the higher-priced end. However, the products they carry are quality organic or eco-friendly products, and is trying to stay competitively priced on products. Their price comparison chart shows how they are trying to be competitively priced. I think this is a great service for all busy mommies, it saves time and travel costs, too.

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