My baby's been sick, and now I'm sick, too (hence there were no deals blogs all week!). Used up all my Tylenol and Baby Tylenol, so these coupons are here at just the right time!

Living Well (representing Johnson & Johnson products) is offering a special set of coupons through, but you must access it through the website, or click here. Here are the coupons you can get:

  • $2 off any AVEENO Body Lotion or Body Wash
  • <$2 off BAND-AID & POLYSPORIN Bandages & Antibiotic Cream when you buy 2
  • $1.50 off BENADRYL Allergy Relief
  • $1 off JOHNSON's Baby Shampoo or PENATEN Cream
  • $2 off IMODIUM Diarrhea Relief
  • $1.50 off LUBRIDERM Body Lotion
  • $5 off STAYFREE, CAREFREE AND O.B Feminine Hygiene when you buy 2
  • $1.50 off TYLENOL Children's And Infants' Pain Reliever
  • $2 off TYLENOL Pain Relief when you buy 2
  • $3 off TYLENOL Back Pain Relief
  • $2 off MOTRIN Headache & Migraine Relief
  • $1 off REACH Toothbrush Or Floss
  • $2 off NEUTROGENA Norwegian Formula Cream
  • $1 off LISTERINE Mouthwash
  • $5 off CLEAN AND CLEAR Acne Control
  • $3 off LACTAID Supplements

If you've never requested coupons from before, you'll need to register with your name and address. The coupons will be mailed to you. I usually receive my coupons within a week.

Don't forget to regularly check the website. Through the main site, here are some coupons you mamas might want to sign up for:

  • $2 off AERIUS Kids Allergy Remedy
  • $3 off PAMPERS DIAPERS PLUS Pampers Wipes
  • $3 off PAMPERS Training Pants
  • $1 off TAMPAX COMPAK PEARL or regular PEARL Feminine Hygiene
  • $1 off DANONE Silhouette 0+ Yogurts
  • $1 off MAPLE LEAF PRIME Frozen Meats
  • 75c off BLUEWATER Seafood
  • $2 off SECRET FLAWLESS Deodorant when you buy 2
  • $1 off RED ROSE Tea
  • $1.5 off VENUS Disposable Razors
  • $5 off OLAY DEFINITY Facial Moisturizer & Cleanser
  • $6 off OLAY PRO-X Skin Care
  • $1 off PANTENE Hair Care
That's just a sampling, there's lots more coupons on the site right now! Check it out at

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